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Aynsley Jurson Authorised Representative of
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Aynsley Jurson is not a traditional financial adviser.

While she has a wealth of expertise and decades of experience, she leads with compassion rather than a calculator.

As the Managing Director of Jurson Advisory, Aynsley empowers busy professionals to make smart decisions before, during and after divorce. Her knowledgeable team will resolve any complex money matters so you can redesign your future, your way.

Prior to setting up her own firm, Aynsley enjoyed a successful career as a Director at Goldman Sachs JBWere and a Senior Investment Adviser at Macquarie Bank. Her desire to combine expertise with empathy, led to her qualifying as a Certified Financial Transitionist® and pioneering a new approach to divorce financial planning in Australia.

Since establishing Jurson Advisory in 2015, Aynsley has helped countless people navigating divorce take charge of their finances and grow more hopeful and excited about the future. Aynsley is proof that personal connection doesn’t compromise professionalism. Instead, it enhances it.

Aynsley lives with her young family in Victoria’s picturesque Macedon Ranges. While you won’t find her donning a green visor, she does have a green thumb and loves taking time out in the garden.


Worried about how divorce will impact your financial wellbeing?

Aynsley and her team at Jurson Advisory will listen without judgement, prioritise with precision and guide you through your financial settlement and beyond.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria. Jurson Advisory works with clients across Australia.

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  • Collaboratively trained Divorce Financial Professional
  • Certified Financial Transitionalist®
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance & Investment
  • Bachelor of Business
  • ASX/ ADA Derivatives Accredited Level 2
  • AFP® Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)
  • Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals
  • Victorian Association of Collaborative Professionals
  • Financial Transitionist Institute®
  • Registered Financial (Tax) Adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board

Areas of expertise

Asset Protection and Business Structures

Estate Planning

Insurance advice for individuals and business owners

Retirement Planning and Pensions

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)


Tax Effective Wealth Strategies

Wealth Creation

Debt Management

Investment and Portfolio Construction

Divorce and Financial Settlements

Strategic Financial Advice


  • Over twenty years’ experience in financial services
  • Over eighteen years’ experience as a financial advisory working with high-net-worth individuals and families


‘Displaced’ is the best word to describe how I felt when I first met Aynsley Jurson. I felt like a sitting duck, vulnerable and totally overwhelmed from the fallout of the end of my marriage.

She was referred to me as a financial adviser who could help people ‘like me’. When my entire world changed overnight and everything was unfamiliar, I didn’t know who I could trust. Aynsley Jurson became a modern-day warrior for me. She quickly became the one person I could truly rely on. I explicitly trust her judgment and am very fond of her.

She never made me feel ‘silly’ for not knowing or understanding what I had to grasp in order to move forward. Many times I didn’t want to keep moving forward and Aynsley gracefully encouraged me with perfect timing, knowing when I needed a push, and when to sit and allow time for me to adjust and take it all in.

She also celebrated and acknowledged the milestones I achieved along the way – with her help, I may say! I will never forget receiving a bottle of champagne when the settlement was finally signed!

Aynsley went above and beyond for me. She always maintained her calm manner in the face of a storm and her handling of the emotional challenges that come with experiencing the ‘financial change’ of a separation, was unfaltering.

Aynsley brought to the table her warmth and understanding of motherhood, her sense of humour when things were very heavy. Nothing was ever too much, too pathetic or too insignificant for her to listen to. She has the perfect mix of professionalism, warmth, practicality, humour and humility. She made me feel empowered, hopeful, accepted and respected.

Aynsley Jurson is a game changer for this ‘life stage’. She is savvy, smart, very experienced and was unwavering in her manner no matter how much I cried.

She’s not interested in the combat, she empowers you when she feels you need it and she handles you with kid gloves when you’ve barely got your head above water.

Everyone going through a divorce needs an Aynsley Jurson on their side / on their team. She thinks clearly and gives you instructions, she knows that making decisions can become so overwhelming when the hurdles come all at once.

I have recommended Aynsley over and over again and hold her high as a future mentor for my 12 year-old daughter. You can’t buy ‘trust’ but with Aynsley you know it’s a given.

Alicia, Melbourne


Working with Aynsley is like working with a financially-savvy expert you can call a friend.

She’s relaxed, knows how to have a laugh and knocks your socks off with her incredible financial knowledge. She leads you through your worst nightmare with grace, compassion and confidence.

I love that Aynsley could choose to work with clients investing millions with her eyes closed yet she has chosen to work with people at a time in their lives when they are raw and emotional.”

Helen, Melbourne


I was referred to Jurson Advisory whilst navigating the difficult end of a relationship. I have three small children and wanted to protect both them and myself, financially.

Aynsley listened empathically, really sought to understand the situation I found myself in and then worked closely with me to design a plan towards my goals. She was always ready with some well thought out advice.

Aynsley also co-ordinated with other wonderful professionals (lawyers/insurance brokers) to make sure that my children and I were as protected as possible and our whole situation was thought about in these difficult times.

I feel so relieved with the outcome, knowing my children and I will have financial security moving forward. Aynsley has a real depth of knowledge and incredible empathy which made navigating this tricky time of life so much easier.

Simone, Brisbane


The way Aynsley has guided my diminished wealth back to good health has been remarkable.

She has always been available for direct contact, has provided deep explanations and tireless support. If she feels a change in direction is appropriate, her research seems boundless to obtain the best outcome. Not only for financial requirements, but emotional comfort spiced with a bit of humour.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jurson Advisory.

Beth, Gold Coast


I have worked with Aynsley as her business coach for the past two years.

It is a joy to work with her as she is a committed professional who works hard to improve her business and is dedicated to personal growth. Plus, she is just so damn funny and likeable! I personally experienced the upheaval of a divorce and it was one of the toughest times in my life – financially, emotionally and personally. I wish I had known Aynsley back then.

She is smart, she doesn’t judge and she genuinely cares.

The service Aynsley provides to people who are going through challenging times is invaluable. She has a unique blend of smarts and is both practical and funny. She also has this rare talent of knowing when to listen and when to use a joke to help put things back into perspective. She has great positive energy – which is definitely needed on those days when you feel it’s all too much. And she doesn’t judge.

If you need a trusted adviser that is smart and who really cares, I would unreservedly recommend her.

Terri, Perth

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0412 254 491

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