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Fitzpatricks Financial Group Foundation

Across the spectrum of positive activities that help generate a deep sense of personal enrichment for our clients, it is the act of giving that often stands above all others.

Giving well, to both enhance your personal circumstances and maximise the end benefit to a chosen charity, involves getting the structure right and the appropriate support to enact your wishes.

The Fitzpatricks Financial Group Foundation exists to do just that. We take seriously our responsibility to help clients give well, while also making a positive contribution to our society.

“Giving back” and “giving well” are part of the enrichment ethos that has led Fitzpatricks to establish its own Public Ancillary Fund.

Key features of the Fitzpatricks Financial Group Foundation:

  • Being a Public Ancillary Fund, the Fund is income tax exempt
  • A minimum amount of $50,000 is required to establish a sub-fund
  • A minimum amount of $5,000 is required for additional donations
  • Financial statements are audited each year by an independent auditor
  • Grants to charities can be done in the name of the sub-fund or anonymously

The potential benefits for our clients include:

  • All amounts contributed are tax deductible
  • Fitzpatricks Private Wealth covers all costs associated with the fund, allowing every dollar that you contribute, to be made available to the charity of your choice
  • Zero administration costs
  • Zero compliance costs
  • Zero audit costs
  • Zero investment management costs
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Fitzpatricks giving back to the Community

With the same duty of care and attention that we apply to your personal wealth, Fitzpatricks directly manages philanthropic funds so that we can make a positive difference to the lives of beneficiaries.

Our passion to enrich the life experience of our clients is the base from which we help community and charitable organisations also deliver on their promise. Fitzpatricks seeks to apply what it does best in a way that makes our giving strategic, efficient and effective.

If you would like to know more about our Foundation or are interested in partnering with us, please email [email protected] today or alternatively request a Fitzpatricks adviser to contact you about establishing a fund or leaving a legacy.


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