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We provide advice to get you personally and financially well organised.

20+ years of financial services experience

Highly qualified, ethical and trusted financial advice

Superannuation, military and public sector super expert

Bespoke advice – no investment commissions, no percentage fees nor referral payments


The Fitzpatricks difference

We adopt a goal-based advice approach to help our clients become motivated, energised and in control of their life plan.

This model comes from the renowned Sydney-based financial group Fitzpatricks Private Wealth, and it is under the Fitzpatricks brand and with the backing of their considerable resources that I provide financial advice as one of their licensees.

We start with where you want to be in 10 year's time, where you are now, and create a practical plan to guide you through to where you need to be in 3 years' time.

Because if you don’t plan for it and work towards it – it won’t happen.
Hear from Gianna about the 90min Discovery Meeting.

Gianna helped me re-evaluate my finances to ensure they were efficient and effectively working for me. Gianna also helped me start my investment portfolio and developed a plan to build me wealth. Gianna's advice and support was invaluable, timely and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend Gianna's financial planning services for anyone who needs knowlegable advice for a financial friend.


Gianna has been amazing to work with over the past 4 years. Responsive, caring and knowledgeable. Thanks Gianna!


Before meeting Gianna I had no idea of my financial circumstances. I wish we had met her earlier.

Gianna provides friendly and supportive assistance. She is articulate and her advice is easily understandable. Gianna has shown an extensive knowledge of the financial industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Gianna to anyone needing financial assistance. I have been very pleased with her assistance and advice.


Gianna has a wealth of knowledge and able to answer any of our concerns with confidence. She is constantly in touch to keep us on up to date and on track which is very helpful for as work and life get very busy. We are only a new client but confident Gianna's advice and guidance will be of great benefit in the future.


Gianna has given me advice since I had a career change and was contemplating a redundancy payment. Gianna is always very prompt in responding to my questions and takes an interest in understanding my life goals as part of getting a full conversation on how my family and I could structure our finances that was aligned to what we wanted. I have always found Gianna to be an extremely good listener and she complements that with good advice which is always very well explained so that I am comfortable in making decisions , backed up by her technical and industry knowledge. Gianna is always prompt , courteous and extremely professional and it is a pleasure having her as our financial adviser.


Gianna has given me advice in areas including insurances, budgeting, bank account structures, ethical super funds and managing debt. Gianna was able to explain things to me in a clear way and help me to manage my finances in alignment with my goals. Through Gianna's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs.


Gianna listens and understands our personal ciircumstances, issues and goals; understands the current taxation laws, markets and opportunities. We have turned around our savings and longer term prospects for the remainder of our working years heading into less worry about our retirement years ahead. Thank you Gianna.


We'll help you to grow your wealth to meet your financial targets, while also seeking to protect your capital along the way.

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