A financial plan for the life you
want to lead.
Financial advice is about establishing trusting relationships with clients. The more we know about your financial situation, concerns, and aspirations for life, the more we can help.

We offer two services to cater to your financial goals and needs: Platinum Ad Hoc Financial Advice for targeted guidance and  The Private Wealth Program for comprehensive solutions.

How I can help you and your family

For many clients, especially those with a clear idea of where they want to end up, we start with that end goal in mind and work back from there.

  • Build wealth by investing via shares or property;
  • Conduct financial modelling to help you make key financial decisions;
  • Harness the tax benefits of superannuation;
  • Protect your family from the financial impact of serious illness or injury, or the death of you or your partner;
  • Help you get out of debt;
  • Plan for your retirement;
  • Tax-effectively to help save for your children or grandchildren's education; and
  • Plan for business succession.

Financial Planning Fees

We do not receive any commissions for providing superannuation and investment advice. If you require insurance advice, such as life insurance and income protection, we offer the option of a fee-for-service arrangement as well.

Our premium services operate on a fee-for-service basis, without charging a percentage based on funds under management.

Depending on your individual circumstances, there are multiple options to pay for the financial advice fees. You may choose to pay through your superannuation fund, your business, or make personal payments. It is advisable to consult with your accountant to determine if any or all of your advice fees are tax-deductible. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of upfront payment or monthly instalments, allowing clients to select a combination that suits their needs.

As a business owner, I understand the importance of maintaining a strong reputation and fostering positive word-of-mouth referrals. Therefore, ensuring client satisfaction is a key priority for us.

When collaborating with professionals such as accountants, investment managers, property experts, mortgage brokers, lawyers, and bookkeepers, we do not engage in or receive referral fees. Our aim is to work together as a “best-of-breed team” to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.


A premium service
as your family's CFO
As your family’s Chief Financial Officer, The Private Wealth Program is my premium financial advice service and therefore via invitation only.

One of its most valuable outcomes is delivering to you a financial road map, action plans and guidance to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals. Under this program, we also project manage agreed actions.

This service also includes my time to collaborate on your behalf with lawyers, investment managers, accountants and mortgage brokers — saving you time and hassle.


We may collaborate with other specialists such as accountants, lawyers and mortgage brokers to get the best outcome for you.

Step 1: 15 min consult (complimentary)

A no obligation phone chat so I can hear more about you, what’s on your mind and how I can help.

Step 2: 90-minute Discovery Meeting

This meeting focuses on your hopes and dreams for life now, in three years and ten years, also known as 10-3-now.
We spend considerable time discovering ‘how you want life to be’ and gathering necessary information about you — your current situation, family, business, work, finances, assets and liabilities. During this meeting we:

Specifying needs and objectives
Identifying personal values
Identifying specific lifestyle goals
Step 3: Engagement Meeting

At this stage we agree to how we will work together.

We also take this opportunity to make sure that we truly understand your situation by ensuring we have collated the right data about your assets, liabilities, income and expenses. We also work through an investment risk profiling exercise.

Step 4: Strategy Meeting

We present and discuss various potential strategy solutions addressing your issues and financial objectives such as asset protection, investment growth and superannuation strategies. Typically this strategy meeting will be a combination of our input and recommendations together with advice from other professionals such as your accountant and solicitor.

You receive detailed cash flow projections and financial modelling to help you make informed ‘trade-offs’ on decisions which affect your ability to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Money Coaching

As guided by you, we may also include Money Coaching and the Cash Management Account Service to facilitate the recommended bank account structure and savings plans.

We will also set up your secure, online wealth portal to help you keep track of your spending and assets.

Step 6: Statement of Advice presentation

Once we have discussed the various issues and potential strategies available to you via the Strategy Meeting, we will then agree to the way forward. The Statement of Advice is a legal document that formalises my financial advice to you and how my advice puts you in a better financial position. We also commit to an agreed action plan

Step 7: Implementation of the advice

Following your acceptance of our advice, we arrange for recommendations to be implemented. This involves co-ordinating the services of necessary professionals (as agreed by you).

Step 8: Ongoing Review Service

Together we review your investment performance and portfolio. We track your progress towards the way you want to live against agreed milestones in your game plan.

The Review is to revisit your life plan and identify key risks to your plan. We talk about new goals and discuss your portfolio. We discuss our proposed strategy revisions and agree to future action.

Gianna helped me re-evaluate my finances to ensure they were efficient and effectively working for me. Gianna also helped me start my investment portfolio and developed a plan to build me wealth. Gianna's advice and support was invaluable, timely and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend Gianna's financial planning services for anyone who needs knowlegable advice for a financial friend.


Gianna has been amazing to work with over the past 4 years. Responsive, caring and knowledgeable. Thanks Gianna!


Before meeting Gianna I had no idea of my financial circumstances. I wish we had met her earlier.

Gianna provides friendly and supportive assistance. She is articulate and her advice is easily understandable. Gianna has shown an extensive knowledge of the financial industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Gianna to anyone needing financial assistance. I have been very pleased with her assistance and advice.


Gianna has a wealth of knowledge and able to answer any of our concerns with confidence. She is constantly in touch to keep us on up to date and on track which is very helpful for as work and life get very busy. We are only a new client but confident Gianna's advice and guidance will be of great benefit in the future.


Gianna has given me advice since I had a career change and was contemplating a redundancy payment. Gianna is always very prompt in responding to my questions and takes an interest in understanding my life goals as part of getting a full conversation on how my family and I could structure our finances that was aligned to what we wanted. I have always found Gianna to be an extremely good listener and she complements that with good advice which is always very well explained so that I am comfortable in making decisions , backed up by her technical and industry knowledge. Gianna is always prompt , courteous and extremely professional and it is a pleasure having her as our financial adviser.


Gianna has given me advice in areas including insurances, budgeting, bank account structures, ethical super funds and managing debt. Gianna was able to explain things to me in a clear way and help me to manage my finances in alignment with my goals. Through Gianna's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs.


Gianna listens and understands our personal ciircumstances, issues and goals; understands the current taxation laws, markets and opportunities. We have turned around our savings and longer term prospects for the remainder of our working years heading into less worry about our retirement years ahead. Thank you Gianna.


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