Mark Brown Authorised Representative of
Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Pty Ltd

With over 15 years’ experience in private wealth management, Mark specialises in providing strategic advice and capital management solutions to busy, affluent families and self-funded retirees.

With a special interest in Financial ‘Life’ Planning, Mark is most passionate about helping clients gain clarity around their goals and objectives. He believes that this creates a firm foundation for structuring a personalised plan, tailored to their individual circumstances. Using a client-centric approach, Mark and his team have built a reputation for providing high-quality advice, delivered in a friendly, clear and straight-forward manner.

As a Lead Adviser to private clients throughout Australia, Mark proactively facilitates discussions with other professional advisers involved in the family network. By consulting with other experts, most notably in the key areas of estate planning, asset protection and specialist tax advice, Mark ensures that his client’s interests are comprehensively addressed. This cohesive approach enhances the opportunity for successful outcomes through a unified strategy across professional advice domains.

Consistent feedback from clients over many years highlight three common outcomes from engaging with Mark:

  1. Clarity (understanding the ‘big picture’ and knowing what we’re looking to achieve);
  2. Peace of Mind (sleeping better at night knowing everything is under control);
  3. Confidence in the Future (not worrying about things outside our control because we have plans in place to reduce risks that ensure we remain on-track).

If you would like to meet with Mark to discuss your opportunities, please contact him at [email protected].

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  • Master of Financial Planning
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Estate Planning Specialist (University of Sydney)
  • Contributing member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds (Kaplan Professional)

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