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When you become part of the Chronos Private community, you can expect that we will take every step possible to ensure we know you, understand you, help you achieve your objectives and simplify your life. This means we will be accountable for the following.

  • Delivering financial certainty – we will act for the outcomes that are important to you and your family, as we collaborate with a team of astute professionals and specialists to deliver peace of mind and confidence about the future.
  • Start a business or take yours to the next level – business owners are experts in their craft and with the right strategy and advice, we can unlock the true potential of any entrepreneur or seasoned professional.
  • Organise your financial world – we do this by gaining a clear understanding of your true aspirations and will then generate, implement and maintain a strategic financial plan created just for you. Our process will address key areas of advice including but not limited to: cash flow and budgeting, taxation compliance including lodgement, business structuring, investing and wealth accumulation, superannuation and retirement planning, debt management, personal risk insurance, estate planning and asset protection.
  • Provide considered options, the rationale behind them and the education to ensure understanding – so you can make informed financial decisions with purpose and know why.
  • Completion is key – we are about implementation so that any well laid plan turns to action and results.
  • Longevity and consistency – we begin by focusing on implementing the right strategy. Once in place, the most important work begins by staying engaged with our clients, ensuring to review and adjust your strategy regularly, and re-aligning your finances to better reflect your ever changing objectives.

Finding the time to spend on yourself is important as you work hard and deserve it, but in this demanding world it’s not always possible. That’s why at Chronos Private we are committed to ensuring whatever time you spend with us, and hence on yourself, will be time well spent.


Fitzpatricks advisers include some of Australia’s most experienced and qualified professionals. Located across Australia and available for a no obligation initial meeting to discuss your life goals and aspirations.



Visit our library of resources containing educational articles and videos to help you live a great life and to keep you updated on financial matters.



Our Private Wealth Program gives you a financial road map, including action plan to achieve your three and 10 year goals.