At Fitzpatricks Private Sydney we believe that wealth is a lot more than just money. It can be described as the abundance of valuable resources or anything of value. This could be time, money, choices, health or happiness, and is different for each individual.

We advise using a holistic approach, which allows us to understand your individual situation, identify your goals, and help you achieve them through careful and strategic financial planning.

Our low client to advisor ratio, extensive experience, along with our experienced and well-rounded team of professionals means that you are provided with highly personalised financial advice and support all year round. Our transparent fee-based structure also ensures that your interests are at the heart of the advice we provide.

We take the complexity out of financial planning decisions and aim to provide you with clear and concise solutions around your options that helps guide you towards reaching your goals.

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  • Matthew Sladden


“In our experience, Wealth Management means different things to different people. We define it as a holistic approach to understanding and providing solutions to the complex and important financial challenges a successful person will encounter in their lifetime. In our view, Wealth Management goes well beyond providing investment advice and encompasses all the intangible aspects of what it means to have a trusting relationship with experts who care about you and your personal circumstances.

Finding that can be difficult but at Sidney Lim’s practice you’ll find it in abundance. Their greatest asset is their people, and having worked with the staff, this clearly shines through in the way they work harmoniously as a team to ensure the best outcomes for their clients. Their advisers are intelligent people who bring to the table a broad range of skills but what really stood out to us… they genuinely care about their clients.”

Liz McCarthy, Investment Bank Executive

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