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As a Personal CEO to Successful Family Business Owners and Professionals, what I have found is you have financial wealth, yet you don’t have a lot of time, headspace, peace of mind, or clarity.

Think of the analogy of “the Ostrich, the Juggler, or the Air Traffic Controller”.

You may feel like the “Ostrich”, with no time for wealth planning, “I’m too busy taking care of the family, my life; I’ll get to it”. Alternatively you might feel like a “Juggler”, “when I’m handling all the stuff on my own I’ve got all the balls in the air, dropping a couple, but I’m doing the best I can”, and then you could be the “Air Traffic Controller”; you have amazing professionals in the areas of tax, legal, insurance, finance and investment, but… you are at the centre of the family business wheel managing the team and often your spouse or other family members have a limited idea of what this entails, let alone how it is impacting your health and personal life.

From a personal and family perspective, you might be feeling trapped, stressed, anxious, frustrated and possibly angry. “How is it that I’ve got all of this money and these assets and yet I don’t have any time and am feeling more frustrated than ever!”

What we do as the Personal CEO for successful family business owners is step into the wheel to manage these professionals, free up time, and guide families to one harmonised strategy.

Having a Personal CEO for your family is like having a CEO that successfully runs your business, however, in this case it is to ensure that your family’s personal affairs run successfully (it may even be referred to in some circles as a virtual Family Office).


Explore with Us: Discover the transformative power of our team, delving into meaningful conversations about your life goals, values, and the ideal life you envision.

Distinctive Approach: Families with Net Assets of $10-80 million and/or incomes of $750,000+ experience our systematised, predictable, comprehensive approach, ensuring financial and life affairs align seamlessly.

Our clients span successful family businesses in farming and agriculture, tourism, retail & manufacturing, and construction, as well as professionals in health, law, accounting, and senior corporate executives.

We pave the way for peace of mind and less stress. We free up time and provide a sense of real achievement, propelling you towards your Ideal Life with our proprietary Personal CEO program where you are living your life with no regrets.

Proudly, with a proven track record of achieving tremendous outcomes for our client families, we have never had a client divorce, and we have guided families to preserve and grow their wealth for multiple generations. As well as coordinating business transactions for families to transition to their next phase of life, ensuring wealth endures through generations, enriching families and communities.

Denis is a sought-after presenter and commentator on topics such as succession, family harmony, business selling, wealth planning, asset protection, and philanthropy.


Answering your questions about the Personal CEO

What are the benefits of having a Personal CEO?

Having a Personal CEO for your life, is like having a CEO that successfully runs your business. A Personal CEO uses their years of experience, working with other successful people, to get you the best results. This includes having personal and financial goals and measurements in place. Coordinating all the professionals working for you in your life to ensure that there is one strategy that everyone is working towards brings immense confidence and peace of mind to your future.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us as your Personal CEO, aside from getting all of your affairs in order, is feeling prepared for unexpected life events. These can include selling or buying a business of significance, managing intergenerational challenges (particularly relevant for farming), divorce, sudden death, other emotionally challenging experiences, and ensuring proper structures are in place.

How a Personal CEO will help free up your time

As a successful family business owner or professional, one of the most precious commodities you have is your time. Having a Personal CEO who is across all of your important matters, frees up your time and your head space so you can be more focused on your health, family, travel and hobbies. Amazingly too, it brings couples on the journey onto the same page.

How a Personal CEO will ensure you are prepared for the unexpected

A hallmark of having a Personal CEO involves balancing out what can be the inequality between spouses when one may seem to be more across the finances and structures, and the other feels less well informed and in control. Together, we create more harmony with having a combined strategy, where both are on the same page and we are working together to ensure that there is clear direction to achieve clear goals for now and into the future. This provides a massive stress relief for all concerned.

In fact, to date, I have never had a separation or divorce in our client base! We believe it’s more than coincidence when one considers that in 2021 there were 56,244 divorces granted and more than ¼ of those have been married more than 20 years according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

The Personal CEO structure – You as the Board

When we step into the role as the conductor of the orchestra and work as your Personal CEO, just like in any business there is a board of control – that remains you. You still drive the key decision-making approval for your family. Our role is to free up your time to give you the freedom and head space to focus on the areas of most importance. Our experience shows that that is your business, your family, yourself, and shared life experiences.

Partnering with a Personal CEO will change your life for ever.

As your Personal CEO we sit at the centre of your affairs and you sit above it all at as the Board.

Working with families and couples – the Freedom Experience

We serve as your Personal CEO using our signature Freedom Experience formula. Unlike anything else in the financial services industry, our Program harmonises couples and families around their financial and personal affairs. It allows couples who think they are aligned to uncover where they are not. It builds effective communication to give each person more clarity and power to make effective decisions. It gives couples peace of mind, freedom, and harmony so they can feel more relaxed, calmer and at ease, knowing all the pieces of their financial and personal affairs are in perfect order and being managed in accordance with their desires.

Finally, it creates a clear pathway to leave a wonderful legacy for current and future generations which might encompass philanthropy and charitable giving, mentorship, environmental stewardship and financial stability, whatever your ideal one may be for you.

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Whole of Family Balance Sheet

Goal Setting & Implementation

Succession Planning

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Tax Effective Wealth Strategies

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Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

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Denis O’Callaghan is an authorised representative of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Pty Ltd.
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