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From one-stop shop to family CFO

Scott Fitzpatrick has been featured in the Money Management industry expert series. He discusses what it means to be sitting on the family board, coordinating complex family affairs and the importance of using emotional intelligence as one of the key ingredients in providing great advice. View the article

Enriching the Enricher

"Day in and day out, Australian advisers enrich the lives of their clients. But who is enriching the enricher?" our Group CEO Jodie Blackledge asks advisers to remember their Why.
Rebuilding after emergency

Natural disasters and access to superannuation

By Olivia Long, on behalf of Firstlinks January 2020 The impact of Australia’s ongoing bushfire crisis is devastating. Not only are Australians losing their homes and entire belongings, but many are also hit by the loss of their business or means to generate an income. They may be in urgent need of cash as a…

Local support critical for bushfire-affected cancer patients

January 2020 One regional volunteer organisation is pulling out all the stops to continue its vital work supporting cancer sufferers in rural New South Wales Since mid-2019 Australia’s bushfires have devastated an area larger than England, claimed over 20 lives, destroyed around 1,500 homes and wreaked havoc on native wildlife. This unprecedented national crisis has…

Christopher Cuffe AO

We are pleased to congratulate our Chairman, Chris Cuffe, for the announcement this week of his Order of Australia award in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Chris received this honour for distinguished service to the community as an advocate for philanthropy, as a supporter of improved financial efficiencies in charitable organisations, and to the funds…

A window to the soul

By Bruce Madden, Financial Media Services. If eyes are the window to the soul, then the work of James Sleeman, optometrist and Fitzpatricks client, is a window to the future of holistic health care for kids. Welcome to the world of behavioural optometry. Never heard of it? Neither had your author. But a growing number of parents…

Philanthropy can blend tax deductions, engagement and impact

By Antonia Ruffell, Cuffelinks. Towards the end of the financial year, many people start focussing on potential tax deductions to reduce their taxable income. The most common techniques include bringing forward expenses or realising capital losses, but don’t overlook the role philanthropy can play in end-of-year tax planning. Tax deductible donations to charities always increase…

Designs on transformation

By Bruce Madden, Financial Media Services.  Think about the most inviting, elegant, warmest home you have visited recently. How did the combination of built space and decor make you feel? Think how you may have quietly admired the apparent ease with which the owners made their home flow seamlessly together. Are some people just born…

Living life on purpose, naturally

By Bruce Madden, Financial Media Services. With boundless energy and a zest for life, advice client Richard Harkham embodies the “live life on purpose” mission that underpins the Fitzpatricks approach to enriching the life experience for its clients and advisers. A self-perpetuating dynamo, Richard (or Richie as friends and family know him) is an accomplished…

Golden arches, golden glow

By Bruce Madden, Financial Media Services. What is it that drives highly motivated people to find more motivation, more energy in life? For Newcastle, NSW-based couple Denise and Murray McKeough, it is their fundamental passion to help people that drives them to squeeze maximum joy from their successful business, their extended ‘family’ and their ongoing…


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