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How super changes impact insurance and estate planning

By Julie Steed, Senior Technical Services Manager, Australian Executor Trustees  (on behalf of firstlinks) The introduction of the $1.6 million transfer balance cap, effective from July 1 this year, will impact the estate plans of many superannuation members. This article reviews the role of insurance as part of an SMSF’s investment strategy and the changes that people may…

Ensure your children are insured

By Noel Whittaker, firstlinks. John is one of the first baby boomers. Born in January 1946, he has just turned 69 and is living a full life in retirement. His career started in banking then moved to financial advising, so he is well experienced in the way the various asset classes work. He has been…

The vital role of insurance in super for disability care

By Alex Denham, firstlinks. This is a sad and true story of a young man – let’s call him Mikey – who in July 2015 at the age of 31 suffered devastating injuries whilst participating in the sport he loves, mountain biking. Mikey is now a tetraplegic, meaning his injury affects all four limbs, and…

Fundamentals of insurance – what you need to know

At a glance, what have been the most common themes occurring in the risk insurance advice space? There has been a hum of activity on insurance in the media and much of this has been focused on fees or commissions and the raising of education standards, which pose as high importance. A significant element missing…

The adverse impact of underinsured adult children

One of the more “silent” detriments to your financial security is not so much investment markets or interest rates or in fact planned capital expenditure in your retirement years; it is somewhat more subtle than that. The single biggest issue that we believe can undo your best laid plans is if you have an unforeseen…

Ownership of Personal Insurance

Who will own your personal insurance policy is an important decision. This aspect discusses the ownership options that are available and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each. Background Australia’s high level of under insurance, the gap between cover held and cover needed to protect against financial loss, has been well documented and publicised. This…


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