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What boosts our brain more than vitamins and minerals?

By Dr. Helena Popovic, Medical Doctor, International Speaker and leading authority on improving brain function April 2022 A study in the New England Journal of Medicine December 2019 recorded brain size, levels of BDNF* and various aspects of cognitive function in five men and four women who lived at the German Neumayer III station in Antarctica…

Stress to resilience and strength

By Dr. Maria Zuschmann, Integrative Chiropractor and Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach March 2022 We are in a time that the speed of change around us is faster than ever before, would you agree? The world, technology and how we use it and our connection to others has changed and had to adapt at a…

2022-23 Federal Budget

Colin Lewis Head of Strategic Advice, shares with us his insights on the measures announced in this year’s Budget covering taxation, superannuation, and social services.

What’s been missing?

By Dr. Helena Popovic February 2022 For two years we’ve been inundated with daily news about Covid-19 — the numbers, variants, hospitalisations, vaccines and lockdowns. But with all the noise, the most important information has been drowned out: how to boost our immune system. We have an inbuilt mechanism designed to ward off infections. Sometimes…

Heart disease – can it be reversed? Take the test

By Dr. Ross Walker September 2021 In part C of this series, I will discuss the first step in assessing your ability to improve your chances of avoiding heart disease which is to establish your current level of risk. This is decided by a five-pronged approach, the first of which is: Clinical Assessment. The most…

Heart disease – can it be reversed? Part B

By Dr. Ross Walker August 2021 Many people, including a significant amount of the medical profession, are under the misconception that heart disease is a slowly progressive condition that may be slowed down with intensive medical treatment but definitely cannot be reversed. With our current approach, this is certainly true and to quote Albert Einstein,…

10 things I learned in my faux-retirement

By Christine Benz, on behalf of Firstlinks July 2021 Christine Fahlund, who retired from her position as T. Rowe Price’s retirement-planning guru a few years ago, often liked to say that pre-retirees should ‘trial-run’ their retirements. Would traveling around the country in an RV be as fun as they had imagined, for example, or would day…

Heart disease – can it be reversed?

Dr. Ross Walker July 2021 Part 1-Introduction I thought I would do something somewhat different & present a series on how to reverse our biggest killer. Be afraid, be very afraid. The biggest killer in our modern world is cardiovascular disease in all its forms. I said at the start of the COVID pandemic on…

A breakthrough in the fight against cancer?

By Dr. Ross Walker June 2021 Tragically, the word “breakthrough” is thrown around far too loosely when many aspects of the media describe medical news items. When this so-called breakthrough is analysed, it is often preliminary work done in laboratory animals such as a mouse and it may be anywhere between 10 to 20 years…

Lifestyle trumps medical treatment for most conditions

By Dr. Ross Walker April 2021 There is no doubt that your genes load the gun and your environment pulls the trigger. Thus, I am inferring that there is a genetic basis to all modern diseases, even a reaction to infection. For example, two brothers in Holland developed severe COVID, one succumbed to the disease…


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