Lead Adviser Testimonials

My experience with the Lead Adviser Training and the skills I have taken away has reignited my passion for financial planning. It has allowed us as a business to take a higher level of leadership to the client’s overall needs. Nicole Breust, Victoria

A new approach in dealing with clients and the introduction of being ‘life’ centric rather than a sales process. I also obtained a deeper understanding of estate planning issues and that we need to be aware of and how this can be pertinent to clients of all levels. Also, being more aware of where do I want to play. Robert Steventon, South Australia

Learning from the founders was very motivating. Craig Phillips, ACT

There is really nothing to dislike, the content was very relevant to our business, the presentation of the topics was fantastic, and the quality of the collateral was great.
Paul Reilly, Western Australia

I attended the training to learn how to articulate my value to clients and charge accordingly. The 10-3-now process achieved this. I’m feeling much more equipped. I also appreciated the Fitzpatricks team taking the time to speak with us individually between sessions and on the first night. Rebecca Carr, New South Wales

My objectives were definitely met. The process is better than my current one so I will be changing my engagement process with clients. I will unashamedly take what I have learned and incorporate it into my business. I haven’t done that for many years, such was the quality of training.
Chris Craggs, Western Australia

Thank you – this is the best personal development training I have attended in years.
Lead adviser participant: November 2022

Scott and Brian both presented interesting and insightful information on the processes. Scott follows as a “lead adviser”. This information is built on the body of knowledge my practice has been implementing over the past 12 months or so, and I found it great to get an outsiders perspective.
Andrew McPherson, Victoria

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