The investment philosophy of Fitzpatricks is based on the following three tenets:

Preservation of capital

We aim to preserve your capital. We believe the first requirement to achieve optimal long term investment outcomes, is to preserve capital. This is of central importance in generating long term wealth. Although we cannot guarantee the preservation of capital, we believe it is highly probable to achieve over the long term with implementing the right investment approach and ongoing active management of the portfolio.

Focus first on risk rather than short term returns

By firstly assessing all the risks inherent in an investment, as well as understanding the volatility of an investment, we can achieve greater returns over the longer term.

Seek a consistent positive return outcome

By seeking to generate more consistent returns over time, the power of constant compound returns will deliver better results for our clients.

Our investment approach aims to protect and
increase  your wealth.

Find the right ADVISER

Fitzpatricks advisers include some of Australia’s most experienced and qualified professionals. Located across Australia and available for a no-obligation initial meeting to discuss your life goals and aspirations.

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