Our Private Wealth Program is a six step process that has your interests, your goals and your life aspirations at its heart.

It is a complete advice offering. One of its most valuable outcomes is delivering to you a comprehensive financial road map, action plans, and guidance to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals. Under this program we also project manage agreed actions.

Importantly, the program helps us to define and agree where you are headed and how to get you there. It is purpose designed to monitor and provide greater certainty in your dynamic life circumstances.

It sets the broad picture against which we measure our success and plan for the best outcomes possible. Each year an agreed agenda provides you with life choices and, as we get it right, the confidence to achieve your goals. We ask that you commit to regular meetings and engage in open discussion.


The program may require us to bring in specialist services; like-minded professionals who will help us achieve your ultimate goals.

Here is how it WORKS

Stage 1: Discovery meeting

We spend considerable time discovering ‘how you want life to be’ and gathering necessary information about you – your current circumstances, family, business, work, finances, assets and liabilities. A detailed questionnaire covers all aspects of your financial life.

  • Specifying needs and objectives
  • Identifying personal values
  • Identifying specific lifestyle goals

We identify the issues that relate to you (for instance, you may need estate planning or tax planning). Issues are prioritised, then we investigate solutions, develop plan/s and produce a strategy.

Stage 2: Engagement meeting

This is our opportunity to make sure that we truly understand your situation. We discuss your hopes and dreams for life now, in three years and ten years.

At this stage we agree on how we will work together so that we can truly operate as an active partner in helping you to achieve your life goals.

Stage 3: Strategy check-in meeting

We provide a concise outline of your issues (determined from the discovery phase) and advice covering issues such as asset protection, growth and distribution. Typically this advice will be a combination of our input and recommendations together with advice from other professionals such as your accountant and solicitor.

The advice provides a solid cornerstone of your strategy for the future. You receive detailed cash flow projections to help you make informed ‘trade-offs’ on decisions that affect your ability to achieve your goals.

Peace of mind is all about having the confidence that you are on track to achieving your lifestyle goals and fulfilling ‘how you want life to be’.

Stage 4: Advice presentation

Following your acceptance of our advice, we arrange for recommendations to be implemented. This involves coordinating the services of necessary professionals (as agreed by you). This is where we also commit to an agreed action plan.

Stage 5: Annual review

Together we review your investment performance and portfolio. We track your progress towards the way you want to live against agreed milestones in your game plan. We identify key risks in your plan and update goals appropriately.

Stage 6: Annual review follow-up

We revisit your life plan. We talk about new goals and discuss your portfolio. We discuss our proposed strategy revisions and agree to future action.

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Our Private Wealth Program gives you a financial road map, including action plan to achieve your three and 10 year goals.