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Why do investors earn less than the funds they invest in?

By Amy C. Arnott, on behalf of Firstlinks October 2021 Why would investors earn less than the funds they invest in? It all comes down to timing. Our ‘2021 Mind the Gap‘ study of dollar-weighted returns finds investors earned about 7.7% per year on the average dollar they invested in equity funds over the 10 years…

Gold over the next decade as other assets lose their shine

By Jordan Eliseo, on behalf of Firstlinks September 2021 Gold prices have been in a corrective pattern for the past 12 months, having fallen by approximately 12% in US dollar terms since hitting all-time highs in August last year. This pullback was not unexpected given how fast gold had run up in recent times, with the…

Financial Year 2021 Reporting Season

Tony Edwards provides an investment market update following the end of the current 2021 Reporting Season.

2020-21 Financial year in review

August 2021 Chief Investment Officer, Tony Edwards provides an update on asset class performance over the 20/21 Financial year, and a market outlook for the coming year.

Investing is like water, but what the hell is water?

By Graham Hand. on behalf of Firstlinks July 2021 David Foster Wallace was a brilliant American writer and satirist. In a commencement speech to Kenyon College graduates in 2005, he gave a parable about the difficulties of daily life: There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish…

A tale of the inflation genie, the Fed and the RBA

By Stephen Miller. on behalf of Firstlinks June 2021 Inflation is the topic du jour in global financial markets. The parameters of the debate appear to be focussed on the likelihood of some persistent inflation, and potential financial stability concerns, in the absence of a timely withdrawal of the historically high levels of monetary accommodation…

The end of financial year – time is running out!

If you are thinking about making a last-minute superannuation contribution to give you a bigger deduction and tax saving this financial year, then you’d better snap to it as time is running out.

Reporting Season 2021

February 2021 Chief Investment Officer, Tony Edwards provides an investment market update following the most recent Australian company reporting season.

11 key findings on retirement dreams during the pandemic

By Matt Rady, on behalf of Firstlinks November 2020 COVID-19 is taking a harsh toll on the economic wellbeing of many retirees with research showing it has shaken their confidence in the quality of their retirement and how long their money will last. Notwithstanding the recovery in many share prices over recent months, returns on cash and…

10 investment themes for the next 10 years

By Matt Reynolds, on behalf of Firstlinks August 2020 As Microsoft founder Bill Gates has noted, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10.” Join us on a journey to 2030, as we imagine the change that will take place over…


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