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Your online training portal to developing key business and interpersonal skills as a lead adviser.

Lead Adviser Virtual provides a refresh and an extension to the materials covered from your two day workshop. It is designed to assist you with extra support in understanding your clients and helping you to establish the most effective ways to communicate with them.

The virtual portal includes instructive videos and practical guides led by facilitators Scott Fitzpatrick and Brian Fitzpatrick.

You can come back and revisit the information at your leisure any time within the three month timeframe.


Lead Adviser takes learning to a whole new level in the profession of financial advice. Our training has been developed through the evolution of delivering traditional financial advice into a client-centric, non-product based approach, aimed at servicing the needs of high net wealth individuals, families and successful businesses.

A Lead Adviser needs a solid balance of the hard and soft skills when it comes to providing strategic advice. The hard skills are the technical elements of advice with the soft skills being the people, emotional and communication based skills, which in many cases are the hardest to learn.


Founder of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth and renowned Lead Adviser, Scott Fitzpatrick, explains the meeting and engagement skills of the 10-3-now process on the whiteboard and the steps you need to take during the client interview to create a desired experience and outcome.


Emotional Intelligence

The Trust Equation

Content Context

PIES Model

Emotional Intelligence Flowchart

Emotional Vocabulary


Six stations of the inner journey



Lead Adviser Manual

Download our digital version Lead Adviser manual
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10-3-Now Cheat Sheet

A quick guide on how to conduct an interview with your client on the whiteboard.
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My Ideal Week

Note down your professorial and personal goals for the week. Download this template.
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This was the best course that they’ve been on – probably for its tangible effects that can be implemented from tomorrow.

Peter Connolly, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth

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