The Second Half

The editor has asked me use to muse on what the second half of the year means. Let’s face it, we make a lot of noise about New Year’s Resolutions and get all fired up about at the beginning of the year.

Sometimes, our energy and follow through wane towards the back end of the year.

Well, I can honestly say that almost all of my 2015 goals have already been achieved. I liken it to a sports team that has played strongly and worked hard in the first half of a game, and that hard work sets them up for second half success. I have done the hard work and consequently have a rich and interesting six months ahead of me. I have put the big building blocks in place.

So what if we extended the year out to 10 years? Just think about where you want to be in 2025. It seems so far away but it’s not. How old will you be then? What do you want life to look like? If you want it to be rewarding and abundant, then you might have to do a few things now.

What provisions do you need so that your kids are in a good position in 10 years’ time? It might be about instilling a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility in them now. It might be putting some money away for secondary or tertiary education now.

You may be retired in 10 years. How will you bankroll a good life? What do you need to do now to ensure your family will be financially secure? What health habits do you know that you have to either stop, start or continue? What does your relationship need now to ensure it is in vibrant health in 2025?

The list of things to put in place now can be as short or as long as you want to make it. It may include health, career, parenting, relationship or financial considerations or getting your Wills and Powers of Attorney sorted out. It may contain things such as travel, hobbies, new skills and learnings.

This is not about making the ‘bucket list’, but rather what you need to do now so that you can achieve what’s on your bucket list with more certainty and less risk. Over the next six months, I challenge you to get yourself well organised to create the life you really want. Otherwise, you may just lurch along rudderless and arrive at 2025 being disappointed and resentful.

Please note how the word ‘now’ is used in this piece. Life is made of ‘now’ moments and what choices you make in the ‘now’ defines your future experiences. It’s up to you now!

It’s a wonderful life!

P.S. I would like to personally thank our editor, Peter, for his diligence, wisdom and patience in putting together this newsletter over the last 3 years. He is moving on to other projects and I wish him well. Thanks Pete.

By Brian Fitzpatrick


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