Matthew Fogarty joins Fitzpatricks Private Wealth as CEO

Media Release 22nd June,2018

John McMurdo today announced the appointment of Matthew Fogarty as CEO of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth. Matthew joins Fitzpatricks from MLC where he held the position of General Manager, Garvan and MLC Financial Planning. Prior to this role, Matthew was Head of Financial Planning at Genesys and IPAC Equity Partners.

John McMurdo said “I am delighted that Matthew will be joining our Group to lead Fitzpatricks Private Wealth. Matthew’s extensive industry experience and passion for advice will support our firm as we continue to grow.”

Matthew Fogarty said “the chance to lead a quality boutique advice firm like Fitzpatricks Private Wealth is a real professional career opportunity. The Fitzpatricks advice community and culture is highly regarded and I am excited to join at a time of significant growth.”

This change will allow John Woodley to take on a role as Executive Director where he will oversee advice across Fitzpatricks Financial Group, with a strategic focus on mentoring and coaching advisers.

John McMurdo said, “Our advisers highly value the strategic coaching and mentoring provided by John Woodley. To meet this demand, John will now focus on how we help advisers build great client outcomes for their clients. Many licensees do not have the resources to invest in high quality coaching and mentoring services, but this is an area we believe we can show industry changing leadership. As a Founder and Director of our firm, John Woodley’s advice is highly valued and appreciated by advisers.” John’s new role will also allow us to further innovate as a wealth
management firm.


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