Change the way you see the world

By Jessica Gallagher, Paralympic Medalist
December 2019

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Fitzpatrick’s team for the recent client events these past few months and I’d like to thank you all for I have met many incredible people and been a part of many wonderful conversations over the events. It is a huge privilege for me to have been welcomed so warmly into these events.

As we head into the festive season I wanted to share with you a special piece of footage, a bonus if you will to further challenge your perceptions and change the way you see the world.

But first a few little extra tips that I have found beneficial to creating and living your best life as we push through the final weeks of the work year when at times the daily grind can start feeling a little exhaustive and relentless. Personally, I am definitely ready to hit the stop button in a couple of weeks.

Note – The tips below are beneficial at any time of the year!

1. Know your goals and priorities.
What is most important to you in your life right now? You may have multiple answers to this question and that is absolutely ok. Having a clear vision and purpose for what makes you jump out of bed each morning has helped me develop the building blocks to the decisions and choices I make. If I have too much going on then I ask myself this simple question, if the opportunity doesn’t support my vision and purpose then should I be spending my energy on it? The answer almost always leaves me with clarity and direction to where I am going and what I want.

2. Make time for YOU.
In our time poor lives often the first priority to be lost is looking after yourself whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually or all of the above. What we often forget is that without our health we are less likely to be able to contribute to the best of our ability anyway. It only takes the cold or flu to knock us about for a few days to realise that if we don’t look after ourselves first and foremost we can’t be there to support those around us. Give yourself permission to take time for you over the downtime of the holiday season.

3. Defend your time!
This learning is my all-time favourite. Each day we are all pulled in different directions from the various paths of our lives. I find at times it is constant and relentless and it really can be exhausting. Time is one of life’s greatest gifts, it affords us the opportunity to create the life we want. This moment in time is one you will never receive again so as you step into your future-self defend your time unashamedly and give yourself the chance to become who you want to be.
And now for a little fun! If you attended a Fitzpatrick’s roadshow event you will have seen the world I live in as a ski racer and the short video (link below) allows you to explore that world! This clip captures my perspective from a 360 degree view. Use your mouse or touchscreen to move the camera angle around and see Eric, the racecourse, the beautiful Roundhill ski resort, NZ where we filmed and experience going through the racecourse with me.

Take a 360 degree peak!

All the best and wishing you all a happy holidays,


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