Tax Notices

By Colin Lewis, Head of Strategic Advice, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth January 2023 Aftermath of tax time As the 31 October due date for lodging personal income tax returns has passed, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will start issuing certain superannuation tax assessments and determinations to affected taxpayers as it uses information from these returns and information…

Federal Budget 2023-24

In recent years, Federal Budgets have been getting progressively leaner in terms of announcements of measures impacting personal financial planning. Unfortunately, this Budget is no different – in fact, this one takes the cake for being the leanest yet! Full report by Colin Lewis Head of Strategic Advice, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth.

New tax gives incentive to move money out of super

By Ashley Owen on behalf of Firstlinks March 2023 At the end of February 2023, the Government announced plans to introduce a new tax on superannuation account balances above $3 million. This threshold will not to be indexed for inflation, so it will impact more savers every year through bracket creep alone. Inflation is likely to…

Client Events in October 2022

Throughout October, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth hosted a number of live client events across the country. Audiences were kept informed through presentations from both our investment and our guest speakers.

Your Advice Partner

At the core of everything we do is enriching the lives of our partners, clients and community. Learn about partnership opportunities with Fitzpatricks Private Wealth to enhance your advice business.

2021-22 Federal Budget Report

By Colin Lewis, Head of Strategic Advice May, 2021 This is a GOOD NEWS BUDGET. The measures announced in this year’s Budget covering taxation, superannuation and social services as it relates to your personal finances are extremely positive and, I’m sure you’ll agree, most welcome. Taxation Personal income tax cuts In the 2018-19 Federal Budget,…
Silly Season

Tips for a Healthier Silly Season

By Joanna McMillan December 2018 OK let’s be honest. Get Lean is probably at the bottom of your list as we enter the silliest season of the year. Over the coming weeks Christmas parties, catch-ups with friends you’re determined to see before the year is out, family dinners and celebrations, as well as finishing…

4 reasons you should never peel an apple

By Dr Joanna McMillan October 2018 Crunching on an apple, skin and all, could be the healthiest way to eat this super fruit, with new research providing more evidence that the peel has powerful health benefits. Several studies published in the past year have highlighted the wide-ranging health benefits of apple polyphenols – a large group…

5 things more scary than dying

By Catherine Rickwood August 2018 It’s reasonably well-known that many people fear public speaking more than they fear dying.  However, as we age, a number of other fears enter our consciousness beyond the sense of foreboding, dread, or denial that can occur as we age. A bonus of ageing is that we commonly celebrate another…


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