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Quarterly Newsletter Issue 1, January 22

As you are well aware, the advice profession is transforming. In these times of heightened scrutiny and awareness, Advisers are being called to do more and be more. It is for these reasons that the Fitzpatricks philosophy of enriching lives has never been more important.

As Advisers navigate forwards in this new terrain, many are taking the path of scale. However, Fitzpatricks believes there is an alternate option, and we stand firmly on the path of value.

Having attended the Lead Adviser two-day course you would be familiar with our partnership approach to advice, our vision of elevating the profession, as well as the community-minded philosophy that underpins Lead Adviser. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of Lead Adviser Alumni.

Lead Adviser Alumni

As members of our Lead Adviser Alumni community, we invite you to be a part of ongoing coaching and education. From speaking to past participants, we know that you highly value the content taught in the two-day course and equally, that implementing the new engagement frameworks effectively takes time and practice. This valuable insight has been the catalyst for taking the next step and providing you with Lead Adviser Alumni.

Quarterly, we will distribute a newsletter like this with exclusive content to help you continue to implement the Lead Adviser frameworks in a practical way, to deepen your understanding of the philosophy and help create a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

For the inaugural Alumni news, we invite you to view a conversation between our co-founders, Scott Fitzpatrick and John Woodley, and Group CEO, Jodie Blackledge. This twenty-four-minute video provides background insights on the Lead Adviser journey that Fitzpatricks has evolved through, giving you positive ammunition for the transformations that could apply in your own practice. It also provides our perspective on the future of advice, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy this positive message and Lead Adviser Alumni exclusive.

Going forwards, the Alumni newsletters and other supportive resources will be regularly added to the Lead Adviser Virtual website where you can already access pre-existing coursework content.

To further support you, we are exploring the opportunity to run regular online sessions with the Lead Adviser coaches. In addition to providing business implementation value, this program would also provide a pathway for greater personal development in the Lead Adviser approach, all for a small subscription fee.

It’s exciting to see that along with these new developments, our Lead Adviser coaching program continues to be booked months in advance. Despite having to cancel our in-person events for the remainder of 2021, we recently trialed a short online version of our core offering to much success.

In addition, Scott Fitzpatrick’s latest venture – The GAF Podcast – is helping to spread the Great Advisory Frameworks (GAF) message, having thought provoking conversations around business strategy and implementation, client relationships, quality advice and more, with market leaders in the profession.

For over 20 years we have been successfully working to an ethical, fee-for-service and client-centric model helping elevate the advice profession and you are all a part of that journey, so a heartfelt thank you!

I trust you have found this information useful and hope you will join us in continuing to celebrate success as we collectively elevate advice to a profession.

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Community, giving back and elevating advice is at the core of why Lead Adviser exists and continues to deliver a high value coaching program. Which is why we value the feedback from past attendees in our follow up anonymous surveys. Some of the most common feedback we get is expressed below and if you have feedback or a question we would love to hear from you.

“Very impressed with Scott, Brian and John, the amount they give and their honesty.”

“I liked the frameworks, multiple presenters, role plays, time for questions, willingness to share information and experience.”

A lot of content, may require a refresher / followup after a period of time to ensure we are on the right track and implementing concepts effectively.”

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