We help people get financially organised, providing them with more time to live their life on purpose and create the life they want.

After spending the time to clearly understand a person’s goals and determining if we can provide value to their situation prior to engagement, we embark on a long term relationship, delivering a highly personalised service helping families achieve their life goals.

We work with client’s existing professionals and can introduce them to other’s as required ensuring their team of advisors are communicating well and all aware of the client goals when developing their respective strategies.

Our transparent fee for service approach provides peace of mind to all we work with.

FTZ Advice Partnership Pty Ltd, ABN 55 081 365 317 is an Authorised Representative of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Pty Ltd.


Stay informed and on top of your financial game plan.


Visit our library of resources containing educational articles and videos to help you live a great life and to keep you updated on financial matters.


Our Private Wealth Program gives you a financial road map, including action plan to achieve your three and 10 year goals.