Marasea Partners is a wealth advisory firm, founded on the ideal that helping others is an altruistic, enduring and sustainable foundation on which to build a successful practice. We believe that looking after others best interests and helping others achieve what’s important to them is the most enduring way of achieving what’s important to us.

Clients are at the heart of everything we do – our goal is to know you, understand you and simplify your life. Whether ‘you’ are an individual, family or small business; the principles are the same. The strategies we implement for you are truly bespoke in helping you meet your life goals and aspirations.

Some of the key ways we can achieve this are:

  • Enrich your life – by providing education and a range of considered options to give you peace of mind and confidence about your future and well-being;
  • Act as a steward for your personal financial affairs – represent the outcomes that are important to you and your family, as we collaborate with a team of ‘best of breed’ professionals and specialists on your behalf;
  • Get and keep you financially well organised – gaining a clear understanding of your dreams and aspirations and will then create, manage and maintain a strategic financial and life plan, which addresses key areas of advice. This may include, cash flow and budgeting, tax management/lodgement, business structuring, investing and wealth accumulation, superannuation and retirement planning, debt management, personal risk insurance, estate planning and asset protection.
  • Accountability plan: realistic priorities & alignment – once we engage with you, we’d like to know we can stay with you to make sure that things remain on track, or that we can change the direction of a plan as needed.

Some of the typical attributes of those people for whom we can add the most value are:

  • People who are willing to receive professional advice;
  • Have complex lives, with the willingness to simplify;
  • Would like guidance and accountability around how they are tracking towards meeting their personal, business and financial goals;
  • In a position to pay the agreed fee structure;
  • Understand that our value add involves both tangible, ‘below the line’ improvement in their financial affairs, but also significant intangible ‘above the line’ improvement to their lives; and
  • Have the capacity to invest and desire having a professional manage investment decisions.

In looking after the best interests of our clients, our aim is that you’ll be so satisfied with our professional and personal approach and that you’ll become advocates for what we do with your family, friends and colleagues.

The world is constantly changing, as is the ‘old’ financial planning model. Marasea Partners is more than just a financial planning firm, we’re a partner for your life – wealth, by design.

Marasea Partners Wealth Pty Ltd, ABN 90 504 044 680 is an Authorised Representative of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Pty Ltd.


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