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Mentorship Call #1 Resource Page

Welcome to the Lead Adviser Mentorship Program.

All the resources you need for the first coaching call are on this page.

If you need to access the overall course information page, click here.

“What have you got to let go of to get what you really want?”: 10-3-NOW


  • Develop a 10-3-Now for your business (we have developed a 3-1-Now Tracker for the Mentorship program, see below in Coursework)
  • Clearly articulate your product, price and position in the market to confidently charge a fee for service
  • Break down your goals for the year into actionable steps



To prepare for the call, we have listed some items you may want to review ahead of time:

  • We will use the sad, mad, glad, scared check-ins to help brush up on EQ skills
  • To get in the right frame of mind, review your notes on the 10-3-Now framework
  • Complete a 10-3-Now for your business, including a focus on pricing, positioning and product
  • Read about Garry Symonds building a Lead Adviser business in the latest Alumni Newsletter.



00:00 Intro by Anthony
06:07 Introductions to new joiners
19:15 Intro to coaches John Woodley and Garry Symonds
25:43 Live coaching call with John Woodley – intro
29:00 Pricing intro
34:25 Lead Adviser recap
38:12 Group discussion on what the biggest impact Lead Adviser has had on business
50:35 Cheat Sheet – engagement repositioning
57:00 The impact of an inflationary environment on your business
1:01 Pricing formula
1:25 Positioning & differentiation
1:40 Pricing matrix
1:43 Casting a shadow
1:53 Closing remarks by Anthony and participants


With 12 months of accountability ahead you can use the 3-1-Now Mentorship Tracker attached to start bringing the Mentorship theory to life. Where you are now, where do you want to be in 12 months and in three years’ time? Work backward to figure out the actions you need to take now to get to where you want to be. Use this in your accountability meetings.


Please complete the survey at the end of the call to help track your success.

The theme we have planned is as follows however, we will be guided by your needs:

What is a Lead Adviser “Logic makes me think; emotions make me act”.

  • How to lead yourself (so you can run a business, staff and best of breed team)
  • Content versus context – a values-based business clients will pay a fee for
  • Technical versus EQ skills and how to get out of your own way
  • Developing the Lead Adviser mindset


Date: Thursday 18, May 2023
Times: 12:30-2pm AEST (90 min call) | 10:30am-12pm AWST

Register here for the Zoom call 


John Woodley – Coach
Executive Chairman, Co-Founder, Lead Adviser Coach
  • John is co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth
  • Over 20 years’ experience in financial services
  • Ran a successful high net worth practice in Brisbane
  • Passionate about leading people to achieve their dreams and thrives on building communities
  • Brings sound ethics, a high degree of strategy and advisory smarts together with human connection, constantly in service of the client


Reach out to John on LinkedIn


Garry Symonds – Support Coach and Practicing Lead Adviser
Managing Director, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth WA
  • Runs two practices in WA and expanding
  • Three years into running a Lead Adviser business
  • Close to three decades of experience
  • Finance and success adviser to business owners and leaders
  • Well-respected member of the Perth commerce community and speaker at the WA Leaders events
  • West Coast Eagles supporter


Reach out to Garry on LinkedIn


Community, giving back and elevating advice is at the core of why Lead Adviser exists and continues to deliver a high value coaching program. Which is why we value the feedback from past attendees in our follow up anonymous surveys. Some of the most common feedback we get is expressed below and if you have feedback or a question we would love to hear from you.

“Very impressed with Scott, Brian and John, the amount they give and their honesty.”

“I liked the frameworks, multiple presenters, role plays, time for questions, willingness to share information and experience.”

A lot of content, may require a refresher / followup after a period of time to ensure we are on the right track and implementing concepts effectively.”

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