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Mentorship Call #3 Resource Page

Welcome to the Lead Adviser Mentorship Program.

All the resources you need for the third coaching call are on this page.



GROWTH “It’s like steel sharpening steel”: Community


  • Where does building professional relationships fit in your business model?
  • What are your built-in professional relationship processes?
  • Build an annual routine and service plan



To prepare for the call, we have listed some action items you may want to review ahead of time:

  • What pricing changes and discussions do I still need to do/have?
  • What positioning research/decisions do I need to make now for 2024?
  • Am I putting enough effort into applying my EQ framework of choice? How can I practice more? Have I properly enrolled my staff in the change journey?
  • How can I apply an EQ framework to deepen my professional COI connections?
  • Use the 3-1-Now Mentorship Tracker to bring the Mentorship theory to life by tracking your goals starting off with you pricing and positioning.
  • Share this at your accountability meeting
  • Join the private LinkedIn group to ask questions and share your insights
  • Read about Garry Symonds building a Lead Adviser business in the latest Alumni Newsletter.



00:00 Intro by Anthony
02:00 John Woodley intro
06:05 Round the grounds check ins
23:55 Building professional relationships
30:00 Setting up your annual program
41:50 Group feedback
47:20 Getting started with acquisition
57:10 Throw to Garry
1:09 John and Garry discuss why clients buy risk not features
1:12 Red, blue, black
1:13 Group sharing
1:19: Reframes for introverts
1:24 Summary

  1. Bring theory to life – keep track of your goals with the 3-1-Now tracker (TIP: use this in your accountability meetings)
  2. Stay accountable – schedule regular check-ins with your accountability buddy


The Mentorship – Progress Tracker – August 2023


Date: Tuesday 28, November 2023
Times: 2:00-4:00pm AEST (2 hour call)


Theme: Client-Centricity “Building a Lead Adviser business of the Future”

  • The scale versus margin business – from sales to operations and community
  • Private Wealth clients
  • The CFO journey – how long does it take?
  • Run and Grow


John Woodley – Coach
Executive Chairman, Co-Founder, Lead Adviser Coach
  • John is co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth
  • Over 20 years’ experience in financial services
  • Ran a successful high net worth practice in Brisbane
  • Passionate about leading people to achieve their dreams and thrives on building communities
  • Brings sound ethics, a high degree of strategy and advisory smarts together with human connection, constantly in service of the client

Reach out to John on LinkedIn

Garry Symonds – Support Coach and Practicing Lead Adviser
Managing Director, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth WA
  • Runs two practices in WA and expanding
  • Three years into running a Lead Adviser business
  • Close to three decades of experience
  • Finance and success adviser to business owners and leaders
  • Well-respected member of the Perth commerce community and speaker at the WA Leaders events
  • West Coast Eagles supporter

Reach out to Garry on LinkedIn


Community, giving back and elevating advice is at the core of why Lead Adviser exists and continues to deliver a high value coaching program. Which is why we value the feedback from past attendees in our follow up anonymous surveys. Some of the most common feedback we get is expressed below and if you have feedback or a question we would love to hear from you.

“Very impressed with Scott, Brian and John, the amount they give and their honesty.”

“I liked the frameworks, multiple presenters, role plays, time for questions, willingness to share information and experience.”

A lot of content, may require a refresher / followup after a period of time to ensure we are on the right track and implementing concepts effectively.”

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