Inspiration For 2015 Resolutions

I’m not one who believes in New Year Resolutions.

It’s not that I don’t believe in setting goals or achieving things – I do – it’s more that I am not that disciplined or interested in having a ‘list’ to achieve or tick off. I’m not wired that way.

Yes, I’ve got goals for my business, desires, aspirations and dreams for myself and my family, but my belief is that those are achieved from focusing on making a different kind of choice.

So, if that is the case, how do I decide on what I’d like to achieve in my business for the coming year? What CHOICE do I need to make?

I was contemplating this the other morning while walking through a laneway leading to a set of restaurants and offices. On the back wall of one of the shops was a large mural. It spanned the entire wall – about 20 metres long. Unlike other ‘street art’ depicting scenes, people or situations, this one was reminiscent of an emblem or family crest on which the words “In Search of Inspiration” was emblazoned.

I began to ask myself some questions about inspiration and being inspired. Why is it that I must go in ‘search’ of it? The statement itself intimates a need to look for inspiration somewhere, that it must be hiding around a corner, or in something ‘out there.’ What if I didn’t have to go searching? What if it is not something we need to find externally, but is something we already have in ourselves and businesses already?

What if that search leads me back to me?

And what if inspiration comes not from getting something, but from giving what I already have to others who are in need of what I’ve got?

Perhaps inspiration comes from the gifts that I have (known or not), that my staff have, my business has, etc. And maybe inspiration comes from giving those ‘inspirations’ to others.

And in giving inspiration to others is that not the point at which I am inspired myself?

One of the things I am most grateful for in my business is that what we do helps to transform people and their businesses. We are able to bundle our experience and wisdom with the tools the business has built to help people make a real difference in their lives. A sale is actually just an indication (KPI if you will) that our clients ‘get’ what we can give and see the value in having the relationship with us. There are so many fun days in my business where I have to pinch myself to remind myself that clients are actually paying us, and that the inspiration is flowing both ways.

It is along these lines then, that in my world, New Year Resolutions do not need to be lists to tick off. Rather, ask yourself, what is the ONE THING that our product or service and business GIVES our clients? For an IT client of ours, their business is not about providing solutions to IT issues – they are about giving business owners ‘peace of mind.’ Going out into the business world with that energy means that their sales staff are highly energised and are looking at innovative ways to give peace of mind to their prospects and clients in more than just one way.

Another great business I know is out there to work with their clients to ‘make a bad day good, and a good day great.’ Imagine that energy and inspiration every morning as you step out of bed and go to work. It beats staring down a sheet of paper with ‘the list.’

The list gets achieved and bottom lines grow by owners and employees being energised and inspired to inspire their clients.

And so, if I do have a New Year Resolution, it’s a simple choice to be clear on my gifts, give generously of them, and be open to receiving the inspiration that flows back.

Akram Sabbagh

Ak Sabbagh is a Partner and Coach with AltusQ a prominent executive leadership and coaching company in Australia and New Zealand.


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