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As a Personal CEO to successful business people and professionals, I empower my clients to get financially well organised so they can be unburdened and instead focus on living their Ideal Life with their family, doing the things they’re passionate about.

As a successful individual, you can often miss out on realising a much higher standard of life when you are bogged down managing your own complex affairs, or when you’re paralysed by the fear of making the wrong decision.

Using me as your Personal CEO means you can delegate the management of your professional experts such as accountants, lawyers, money managers, insurers, real estate agents, bankers, brokers and senior members of your family and team. This frees up so much time and energy for doing the things you are passionate about pursuing in life.

Coordinating complex matters begins by building trust and understanding your deepest wishes for life. Then, I advise and execute on a regular basis, so you can stay on track to achieve all of your financial and personal goals throughout your lifetime. Including getting everything in order to the highest standard, creating harmony at home and leaving a lasting legacy.

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To learn more about the Personal CEO service, read on for a short summary below.

What are the benefits of having a Personal CEO?

Having a Personal CEO for your life, is like having a CEO that successfully runs your business. A Personal CEO uses their years of experience, working with other successful people, to get you the best results. This includes having personal and financial goals and measurements in place.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us as your Personal CEO, aside from getting all of your affairs in order, is feeling prepared for unexpected life events. These can include selling or buying a business of significance, managing intergenerational challenges, divorce, sudden death, other emotionally challenging experiences, and ensuring proper structures are in place.

How a Personal CEO will help free up your time

As a successful business owner or executive one of the most precious commodities you have is your time. Having a Personal CEO who is across all of your important matters, frees up your time and your head space so you can be more focused on your health, family, travel and hobbies.

How a Personal CEO will ensure you are prepared for the unexpected

Another hallmark of having a Personal CEO involves balancing out the inequality between spouses when one may seem to be more across the finances and structures and the other feels less well informed. Together we create more harmony with guided education, foundational structures and exit plans, just in case, God forbid, something unexpected were to happen (especially to the financial head of the house).

The Personal CEO structure – You as the Board

You could be feeling that instead of having your business and professional life in alignment with your personal goals you are stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated and feeling the strain on your personal relationships. You could be feeling burnt out instead of enjoying your success.

If you know there is a clock ticking for you act on it now because a Personal CEO will change your life forever. Imagine that instead of being able to focus on what matters like your health, family and life experiences you remain tied to activities you aren’t passionate about! Imagine being able to outsource these tasks to a professional team that has the experience of dealing with many other successful individuals and families such as yourself, bringing all that wisdom and experience to your table. As your Personal CEO we sit at the centre of your affairs and you sit above it all at as the Board.

Working with families and couples – the Freedom Experience

We serve as your Personal CEO using our signature Freedom Experience formula. Unlike anything else on the market, our Program harmonises couples around their financial and personal affairs. It allows couples who think they are aligned to uncover where they are actually exposed to risk. It builds effective communication to give each person more clarity and power to make effective decisions. It gives couples peace of mind, freedom and harmony so they can feel more relaxed, calmer and at ease, knowing all the pieces of their financial and personal affairs are in perfect order and being managed securely. Finally, it creates a clear pathway to leave a lasting legacy, whatever your ideal one may be.

Areas of expertise

Investment and Portfolio Construction

Retirement Planning and Pensions

Estate Planning

Asset Protection and Business Structures

Insurance advice for individuals and business owners

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)


Tax Effective Wealth Strategies

Wealth Creation

Debt Management

Strategic Financial Advice

15+ years financial services experience

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