Clients who choose to work with us know and appreciate the value of hard work. They want to partner with someone to assist them to manage their wealth, so they have more capacity to focus on their work commitments, the people they support and managing their wellbeing.

Typically, our clients have some complexity, have accumulated a significant sum of money (or are on the way to doing so), and want to know that there is someone else who they can trust to support them in this area. They are (or have been) specialists in their business or profession and want to rely on a financial advice professional so they can stay focused on what they do best.

We are the specialists that support you to manage your tangible wealth. We will make sure we have appropriate strategies and structures in place to protect and grow your financial wealth. We also collaborate with your other professional advisers to make sure the financial advice is cohesive and takes all the issues into account.

However, we don’t just look at your life from a financial perspective. We get to really know our clients at a deeper level. Our philosophy is that true wealth is not just about the money. When we develop our strategies, we will help you consider the impact of all the elements on what makes a ‘rich life’ for you, including your personal wellbeing and your relationships.

Examples of the types of clients we have supported include:

  • Professionals – including medical specialists, executives, accounting, and law partners.
  • Family wealth – managing money for now and the next generation.
  • Retirement – both pre-retirees and those already retired that have accumulated a significant sum of money and want to make sure they make the most of the foundation this provides, both for themselves and for their legacy.


Here are some of the qualities that our clients share:

  • Demonstrating a passion for living a purposeful life.
  • Valuing having an objective sounding board, being open to receiving advice, and willing take action.
  • Wanting to take a holistic approach to their finances e.g. accumulating, protecting and preserving their wealth.
  • Understanding that seeing the results of some strategies may take time.
  • Wanting to be financially well organised, and to stay that way.
  • Mirroring the values that we hold (integrity, quality, consideration, authenticity and insightfulness).


Our clients say they like working with us because:

  • We consider all their requirements and needs (not just the financial issues).
  • We work well with their other trusted advisers without letting ego get in the way.
  • We are focused on quality, keep our promises, and have exceptional attention to detail.

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