Our goal at Fitzpatricks Private Wealth (Simfin) is to run a great financial services practice where delivering exceptional service and advice is paramount.

This means having no more than 50 key clients who we love and cherish and work with on an ongoing basis, across all their financial affairs.

At Simfin, we work best with clients who:

  • Are willing to take advice,
  • Have complexity in their lives,
  • Have the capacity to invest and prefer to outsource day-to-day investment decisions,
  • Are respectful of our professional relationship,
  • Expect us to add lots of value to their lives,
  • Are in a position to pay our fees, and
  • Are willing to introduce us to their friends, colleagues and family.

When you become part of Simfin’s client community, you can expect us to be accountable for the following key outcomes:

  • Enrich your life – by delivering peace of mind and confidence about the future.
  • Get and keep you financially well organised – we do this by gaining a clear understanding of your dreams and aspirations and will then create, co-ordinate, manage and maintain a strategic financial plan that addresses six areas of advice – cash flow and budgeting, investing and wealth accumulation, superannuation and retirement planning, debt management, personal risk insurance, estate planning and asset protection.
  • Act as a steward of your personal financial affairs – represent the outcomes that are important to you and your family as we collaborate with a team of ‘best of breed’ professionals and specialists on your behalf.
  • Provide education and a range of considered options – so you can make informed financial decisions.
  • Get things done – we are about implementation so that any well laid plan turns to action.
  • Stand with you for the long-haul – once we engage with a client, we’d like to know we can stick around to make sure that things remain on track or that we can change the direction of a plan as needed.

Fitzpatricks Private Wealth (Simfin) employs Simeon Levin as a principal financial adviser.

Simfin Pty Ltd ABN 85 111 553 309 trading as Fitzpatricks Private Wealth is a corporate authorised representative of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth ABN 33 093 667 595, AFSL No. 247 429.


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