Federal Budget 2023-24

In recent years, Federal Budgets have been getting progressively leaner in terms of announcements of measures impacting personal financial planning. Unfortunately, this Budget is no different – in fact, this one takes the cake for being the leanest yet! Full report by Colin Lewis Head of Strategic Advice, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth.

2022-23 Federal Budget

Colin Lewis Head of Strategic Advice, shares with us his insights on the measures announced in this year’s Budget covering taxation, superannuation, and social services.

Tax Time – Planning for June 30

Here are some year-end strategies and points to consider for financial advisers when making recommendations on superannuation, self-managed super funds, and discretionary trusts.

2021-22 Federal Budget

By Colin Lewis, Head of Strategic Advice May, 2021       This is a GOOD NEWS BUDGET as it relates to financial planning advice. The measures announced in this year’s Budget covering taxation, superannuation and social services are all positive and, I’m sure you’ll agree, most welcome – some more so than others. Taxation…

Reporting Season 2021

February 2021 Chief Investment Officer, Tony Edwards provides an investment market update following the most recent Australian company reporting season.

Market Update 2019 and outlook for 2020

December 2019 Chief Investment Officer, Tony Edwards, provides an investment update on 2019 and an outlook for 2020.

Federal Budget 2019

By Colin Lewis, April, 2019 How sweet it is with an election looming! The measures announced this Budget are proposals only and must go through Parliament to become law.  Accordingly, it may take a newly elected Coalition government to get these measures through – and they’re counting on this Budget to help them get re-elected.…

Market Update 2018 and outlook for 2019

December 2018 Chief Investment Officer, Tony Edwards, provides an investment update on 2018 and an outlook for 2019.

Matthew Fogarty joins Fitzpatricks Private Wealth as CEO

Media Release 22nd June,2018 John McMurdo today announced the appointment of Matthew Fogarty as CEO of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth. Matthew joins Fitzpatricks from MLC where he held the position of General Manager, Garvan and MLC Financial Planning. Prior to this role, Matthew was Head of Financial Planning at Genesys and IPAC Equity Partners. John McMurdo…


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